Bones found at abandoned house not human

LaFayette investigators say they were relieved when remains found under an abandoned house in Chambers County came back as belonging to an animal. Authorities are now investigating what appears to be a sick practical joke.

"Part of a bone was stuck in the shoe to make it look like it was the body of a child. It's just a shame that someone would even think about doing a joke like this," says LaFayette Investigator Sgt. Steven Smith.

Sgt. Smith says the tiny shoes were discovered Tuesday by work crews cleaning the crawl spaces under a bank owned home at 411 Lafayette Street.

The contractor called police, who stayed at the home all night, worried with the possibility that a child had been murdered, and the body hidden under the home.

Investigators traced the owners of the house all the way back to the '50s. Thursday, forensic results ruled the bones belonged to an animal. Investigators were relieved and furious at the same time.

"We take our job seriously and anytime there is somebody hurt or anybody this is injured. It's serious, it's not something to play with and if we find the person we will press charges."

Sgt. Smith says this case wasted law enforcements time and resources and upset this community as a whole. He says he will find the person or persons responsible.

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