Vehicles seized in drug cases to go up for auction

A big car auction put on by the Columbus Police Department and Muscogee County Sheriff's Office is being held at the Civic Center.

The cars and trucks were seized from drug dealers in the area will auction this Saturday. The money raised at the auction will operate the drug units helping those men and women that work to put drug dealers in jail.

Captain Gil Slouchick said the Columbus Police Special Operations Unit doesn't get any money from the city, essentially the drug dealers fund the special task force saving the citizens money.

Among other items, they will be auctioning flat screen TVs, gaming systems, jewelery and watches.

The auction starts Saturday at 8 a.m. at the Civic Center.  You can come and take a look for about two hours and then the auction will start at 10 am.

Cash and checks will be accepted at the auction.

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