Columbus churches go BIG for Easter Sunday

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Usually when families get dressed up for Easter Sunday service they head out to their church, but thousands gathered at the Columbus RiverCenter to hear their pastor Sunday morning.

MyChurch Columbus hosted a packed house for their Sunday sermon entitled "Pivotal Easter". Following the service, Pastor Jeff Murphy invited everyone downtown for a giant Easter egg hunt, delivered from the sky. He told News Leader 9, "This is small in comparison to Jesus rising from the dead. He's a big deal. This was small in comparison to how big that was."

Instead of your standard Easter egg hunt, the one downtown at Woodruff Park came from above... literally. A helicopter loaded with thousands of eggs started the hunt for hundreds of kids who gathered below.

Easter egg hunter Carissa Martin said, "It was pretty amazing actually. A helicopter came out and dropped 8,000 eggs."

This was the final event for MyChurch's big Easter celebration.

Solid Rock Church in Midland also took Easter Sunday to a whole new level.

Sunday morning's service was the end to the church's weekend long celebration.

The highlight of this year's service was a real live bear and lion featured on stage, going along with the church's theme of "Defeating Your Giants". The bear and lion were used to inspire the crowd to face your fears and to overcome any obstacles.

Solid Rock Church member Jonathan Duncan said, "I was one of the ones who brought the lion and the bear on the stage. It was a little scary because the lion was kind of aggressive, it was intimidating."

Children of all ages came out to witness the wild animals and enjoy the fun offered by the church. The live animals were from the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Albany, Georgia.

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