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AEA Under Federal Scrutiny

The Alabama Education Association is the focus of a Congressional inquiry it has to do with how the AEA spends its members money for political candidates and issues. We have the latest on the investigation.

Part of a Weapon Found in Child's Shoe

Imagine opening up a brand new box of shoes for your child and finding part of a weapon inside! That's just what one local mom experienced when her son was getting ready for his first baseball game.  We'll tell you what she found and what this mom wants to happen to protect other children.

Search for 3rd Suspect in Columbus Murder

The search continues tonight for a murder suspect in Columbus. Police have two men in custody in connection with Friday's shooting at the Sands Apartments but are still looking for a third suspect.  We'll tell you who they're looking for.

New High Paying Jobs Coming to East Alabama

Hundreds of new high tech and high paying jobs are coming to East Alabama. We've got the details on who's building a new facility in the area and when you can apply for one of the jobs.

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