Three stoves stolen from homes in daylight, all on same street

Around the time many people sit down for dinner on a Friday or Saturday evening, someone, or some people, were in the middle of a string of break-ins.

Between 5 and 7 PM on Friday, and on Saturday, three stoves were stolen in a neighborhood that residents call a good one. The break-ins were all on Kingsberry Lane; two houses side by side in a cul-de-sac. The other was a few houses down. Aletha Sanders lives near one of the houses that was broken into. She said, "That's crazy I think they should put some kind of curtains up at least while it's empty."

The one thing all three houses have in common, they're vacant. Vacant and still under construction.

"He should probably put an alarm system in first. And then have it, cause when I bought this house this didn't have it installed so he probably should do that and add it in to the cost of the house."

Jeffrey Gill was in his house, just across the street of a home that was broken into as it was happening. He said he didn't see anything but he thinks it's a joke.

"For it to happen in the daytime is absolutely ridiculous. I think it comes down to just the kids not having enough to do, not being properly disciplined since they're out for spring break. That's just my opinion and I think something like this would have only happened by kids cause this is a great neighborhood."

Neighbors believe the houses have so many people coming and going, if someone did see something, they wouldn't have thought to look again.

"They're not paying attention. They're just thinking it's something normal."

Columbus police say at this time there are no suspects but believe at least two people were involved. If you have any information you're asked to call Columbus police at 704-653-3400.

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