Mom finds bullet inside son's new shoe

Imagine opening up a brand new box of shoes for your child and finding part of a weapon inside.

That is just what one local mom experienced when her son was getting ready for his first baseball game of the season.

Jan Baird and her six-year-old son lace up his cleats for his favorite sport, baseball.  However, when his mom opened up his box of brand new pair of kicks for the field she found something she never expected.

"When I took his shoe out, something moved in it, and when I dumped it out, it was this 270 rifle bullet," said Baird.

Last week, Charlie only tried one on of the cleats at a sporting goods store in Americus before his mom bought the new shoes.  She says the one her son did not try on had the live bullet with a filed tip inside.

"I am still just stunned that anyone would find a 270, any caliber, bullet in any shoe from any store," said the mother.

Baird does not think anyone at the local store had anything to do with the bullet and the manager at the store told us they had no idea from where it came.

This scared and angry mom says the shoe was wrapped as if it had never been touched, and she urges the manufacturer and local police officials to look into it.

"If you can think up something to do like this then you know you are sick enough then you might use it.  You might use it," said Baird.

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