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Multi-Vehicle Accident in Columbus Injures One

A accident involving several vehicles on J-R Allen parkway in Columbus sends one woman to the hospital with serious injuries. We'll tell you what happened and what police say caused the pile up.

Zimmerman's Attorneys Off the Case

Lawyers for the Florida Neighborhood Watch Captain who has admitted to shooting and killing an unarmed teen are no longer representing him. We'll tell you why the attorneys for George Zimmerman say they cannot stay on the case.

High Gas Prices Boosting Cars Sales?

You would think skyrocketing gas prices would hurt car sales, but that may not be the case.  A new study says the higher prices at the pump are actually boosting car dealerships across the country. We talk to some local dealers about what they're seeing.

Santorum Out - Now What?

The republican presidential field is a little smaller now that Rick Santorum has decided to suspend his campaign. What does this mean for the race for the White House and has Santorum thrown his support behind frontrunner Mitt Romney? Details on what's next tonight.

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