Comer Recreation Center will open after face lift

Columbus Council voted on Tuesday to clean up the storm damage at Comer Recreation Center in Bibb City and give it a small remodel.  
The Comer Rec Center was damaged during a storm in September, but it had preexisting problems too.  Deputy City Manager David Arrington said the building needed infrastructure improvements including the mechanical and electrical systems and a void under the gym floor.
Out of several options, including a full building restoration or keeping the building non-operational, council members voted unanimously to use insurance money and LOST dollars to clean up storm damage and fix essential problems. 
Ila Jinright has lived across from the Comer Rec Center in Bibb City since 1964.  Her kids played basketball in the gym almost every day.  She told News Leader 9, "It's not like it used to be."
Hearing the news that the Comer gym will be operation once again brought a smile to Ila's face.  "I am glad they are going to fix it up.  I hope they are going to get it back to as good of an activity place as it used to be."
Rick McKnight, who also lives in Bibb City, says the neighborhood is also asking that the city put a police precinct in the building and allow space for a small museum of Bibb City history.  "Anyone who grew up in Bibb City or knows anything about Bibb City or has played basketball here knows that aside from the mill, it is the most iconic figure."
Arrington could not give an exact timeline for the construction but said the contractor is working on a plan now for the repairs.  

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