Proposed Chattahoochee reservoir won't affect Columbus whitewater

A county north of Atlanta wants to build a reservoir to boost north Georgia's water supply. Fox 54 spoke with Roger Martin, the Chattahoochee River Warden, who said he hasn't met anyone for the proposal but it would affect Chattahoochee River water quality and Columbus' whitewater course.

Hall County, north of Atlanta, wants to build a glades reservoir that would pump 100-million gallons of Chattahoochee River water into their reservoir every single day.

What they do with the water held would be up to them whenever the time may come, but the county says, "at least they'll have it."

Martin said, "Our river cannot afford that reduction in flow. We are currently in a water war between Atlanta and Alabama over water. How can we even consider making a proposal of allowing an additional reservoir in the Chattachoochee when we don't have enough water today?"

Warden Martin says taking the water from our river into a reservoir says this is a bad idea. It's critical Columbus have 800,000 cubic feet of water circulating out of the North Highlands Dam to ensure steady water flow and clean water.

"That's allowing enough water to assimilate our waste from the waste water treatment plant for our industry to run that uses water for the river."

Columbus has invested millions of dollars into the Chattahoochee River and the whitewater course, so if passed would it hurt the course? Martin says no.

"If they continue to generate water from the North Highlands area at the proposed rate it should not affect the whitewater."

The US Army Corps of Engineers is asking Georgians for their comments and concerns. The public can comment on the reservoir plan until April 17.

To voice your opinion about the proposed changes to the Chattahoochee, visit the Corps of Engineers website

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