Be There: Prepare students for the CRCT

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The students in Muscogee County just came back from spring break and already it is time for them to hit the books and take the CRCT, Criterion-Refereced Competency Test.

The CRCT may seem like a little test, but for the students and the school they attend it is a big deal.

Muscogee County School District Director of Communications Valerie Fuller explained, "This test helps across the state in reference to seeing where students are in their academics, not only in comparison to themselves, but where they are academically.  Are they meeting the standard, are they exceeding the standard, or do they need more work?"

Teachers help students prepare all year for the ten day test, but there are some things parents can do the week of the test that can help.

"We're just getting back from Spring Break so it's really important that the students get to bed early at night that they are fully rested, that they get a full breakfast so that their minds are clear, their stomachs are full and they are prepared to take the test."

The students in grades 3rd to 8th will be taking the test through April 20.  The Muscogee County School District has some tips for parents during CRCT week:

√ Make sure students are on time and present for class daily.

√ Make sure each child has a healthy breakfast. 
   *Breakfast is served 30 minutes before school.

√ Communicate with their child about school lessons and review.

√ Communicate with the teacher and child throughout the school year.

√ Attend planned parent/child school learning activities and events.

√ Set a schedule that allows for daily study.

√ Use family routines and business matters as teachable moments and learning

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