Slain police officer's mother gets death threats after killer is executed

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Six months after her son's convicted killer Troy Davis was put to death, Officer Mark McPhail's mother is getting death threats and ill wishes.

Anneliese MacPhail told News Leader 9 that it's been hard a road since the execution. She's gotten several threats on her life from Troy Davis supporters. "They accused me of killing him; they told me I should have stopped it. There is no way I could have done that because it was not in my hands," says MacPhail.

Talking with News Leader 9's Curtis McCloud from the same kitchen table where she first received word of Davis's death that rainy September night, MacPhail says she has no idea why people blame her for Davis' death.

She says all she wanted was justice for her son. "I respect that they are against the death penalty. But this was the case that the jury said he deserved [it] and it was not me against him, it was the state against him."

Davis denied killing Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail until the very end of his life. MacPhail says she feels for Davis's family but still has no desire to speak with them. She calls the threats and negative comments she received daily "upsetting and sickening."

"You've got blood on your hands, you killed him, you should have stopped them, he was not guilty!"

Just before this interview MacPhail was enjoying a walk with her good friend and next door neighbor. She also had a smoke break. It is a habit that she says increased during the trial and execution but has now subsided.

As for getting her peace back, MacPhail says it's taking time, but with each day things get a little better. She tries not to worry about the threats and ill wishes against her, because she said some people will never understand.

"Unfortunately people are very cruel, so if you are strong enough to stand up to it then you can make it. Because nobody knows what you go through unless you go through it yourself. You shouldn't judge anything because you don't know," MacPhail said.

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