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AU running back, Michael Dyer, testifies about spice and gun used in armed robbery

News Leader 9 was back in court for day 3 of the Antonio Goodwin armed robbery trial. The former Auburn University football player is accused of robbing five people at gunpoint with three other teammates shortly after Auburn won its National Championship.

All four men were kicked off the team after their arrests.

Wednesday morning, Auburn's former star running back, Michael Dyer, took the stand and testified the gun used in the robbery was his and that his teammates asked to use it in the crime.

Dyer told the jury, the night of the March 2011 robbery, he was hanging out with Goodwin and his teammates Dakota Mosley, Michael McNeil and Shaun Kitchens at DeAngelo Benton's house.

Benton is a wide receiver at Auburn, he testified most of the players were smoking synthetic marijuana, "We were watching the game, smoking, drinking. Spice."

Benton says he heard some of the players talking about getting a lick in, a street term for robbery. "[I] had my back turned to whoever said it. I had my back turned. I'm broke…tired of being broke. [I] got to get a lick in," Bention testified.

Dyer says his teammates asked him to go along, but he refused, "They were still talking about getting a "lick in" or whatever, and I told them I wasn't going."

Dyer testified Dakota Mosley asked to use his gun.

Dyer told the jury he saw the defendant Goodwin holding the gun as he tried to talk him out of it. "I tried to talk to him….to be a man with him… because you shouldn't do someone like that….  Tonio was a good person, not like that and I know that night they seemed to take it a little too far."

Dyer, seemed to be a reluctant witness for the prosecution. On the stand, the former Auburn football star alternated between laughing or taking deep breaths.

For the defense, he tried to paint his former teammate as a good person and testified how his own use of spice or synthetic marijuana made him act different."LIke with girls, I would try and do stuff I wouldn't try to do when I was on spice."

Testimony continues this afternoon, and we expect to hear from the alleged victim's in the case, and what they say happened that night.  

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