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Afternoon Shots in South Columbus End in Murder

Columbus police are now investigating a homicide now that the victim of this afternoon's shooting off Lawyers Lane has died. He's been identified as 31 year old Charles A. Willis. We'll have the latest on the search for a suspect tonight.

Family, Friends Remember Shooting Victim

As police in Opelika search for answers in the murder of a local business owner, Walter Spratlin Junior's family and friends gathered tonight at his repair shop for a candlelight vigil in his honor. Newsleader 9's Mackenzie Zaragoza takes us inside the emotional service.

Police Shoot the Wrong Man

An investigation is underway in one South Georgia town after police looking for a suspect shoot the wrong man. We'll tell you what happened and where.

Whew! Friday the 13th Almost Over!

And some folks may be breathing a little easier now that the day's almost over. It's Friday the 13th - notoriously known as unlucky all around the world. But where did that superstition originate. We'll check it out.

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