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A competition like no other is well underway at Fort Benning

U.S. Army rangers from allover the world flocked to Fort Benning for a competition like no other the 2012best ranger competition kicked off early Friday morning and will end Monday. Withtheir families cheering them on and probably some of the toughest obstaclecourses they'd ever have to conquer.

The rangers paired up intoteams, completing tasks that challenge them mentally and physically. They havehad little sleep, but they all have one goal in mind, win the top spots as thebest rangers in the world.

Lieutenant General DavidE. Grange is like a celebrity at this event. Everyone wants to touch him, takepictures with him, or just have a little chat. The competition was named after GeneralGrange in 1982 due to his undying love for military service.

"It's a wonderfulexperience. This has grown and grown every year now. This is our twenty-ninthrunning of this competition. It gets bigger and better and more important everytime we do it," said Gen. Grange.

General Grange says themen that become certified rangers are the elite of the army. They are the rolemodels that help inspire other servicemen to be the best that they can be.

"It's importantbecause, the rangers, they set a standard for the army. If the American armydepicts the spirits of the American people, then the army ranger depicts thespirit of the American army."

Not forget their families whodepict the spirit of support. While the rangers scale walls and make their waythrough hostile simulations their families cheer them on from the side line. SergeantFirst Class Zach Phillips is part of team 50. News Leader Nine spoke with his girlfriendwho says she's very proud of him for working so hard to prepare.

"Eight to twelve hourdays, 6 days a week for several months, just a lot of effort," said JordanMcDonald

It definitely takes a lotof effort to complete this three day competition. Two teams have already bowedout. For those that are left, a tough road is still ahead but come Monday, thebest rangers in the world will be named right here at Fort Benning.

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