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A family is grieving after a Columbus father of two was shot while waiting at a stop sign


May 28th would have beenthe 32nd birthday of Charles Willis, III a Columbus man shot while he and a cousinsat at a stop sign late Friday afternoon.

"I'm just upset. Ican't believe he took my brother life like that. He wasn't doing nothing tonobody," one of the victims' sisters said.

The two sisters NewsLeader Nine spoke with do not want to be identified but they say the crime isshocking and was not provoked by the victim.

The shooting happenedaround 5pm on the corner of 7th street and Lawyers Lane. The victims' familysays he and his cousin were sitting at a stop sign when an acquaintance, OscarJames Senior, pointed a gun and fired multiple rounds into the red ChevroletCobalt, striking Willis in the head.

"If he wouldn't haveran out of bullets, he probably would have killed my cousin too," said asister.

Willis was rushed to the MedicalCenter where he died later that evening. He left behind two young daughters,three sisters and one brother who all say this feels like a dream they can'twake up from.

"They just spoke lastweek, all happy...but, I don't know what happened that day," the victim'ssister said.

Willis' sisters say theybelieve their brother lost his life over three simple words.

"Just by sayinghey...what's up," his sister replied. They believe Willis said that to awoman that lives down the road from where the shooting happened. They say Willisspeaking to a particular woman made James very angry.

"He turned around andtold his girlfriend to take the baby home and he just turned around and startedshooting," said the victim's sister.

A cluster of balloons anda cross with his nickname "Little Charles" mark the spot where thecommunity is calling a senseless crime happened. The family says Willis was ajokester and loved to play around, and he was also trying to get his life backtogether.

He was a great person veryoutgoing. Just was Charles...he was Little Charles. Everybody have their faultsbut Charles was a great person. He didn't deserve to be taken out of this worldthe way he was.

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