New version of the Bible causing concern among some

Adding to the long list of Bible translations, King James, New International Version, Common English and Revised Standard Version, is now The Voice.
On its website, The Voice claims to read like a story with all the truth and wisdom of God's word. But, reading like a dialogue is not causing concern with some protestant leaders, it is the fact that they have omitted the name Jesus Christ. Instead, The Voice uses 'Jesus the Anointed One.'
The version also does not include apostles or angels.  
Jimmy Elder, Pastor at First Baptist Church in Columbus says he is always open to helping others understand the Bible, but thinks The Voice went too far.  "I have no problem using something like this as a study guide or a companion, but don't call it a Bible.  Don't call it a translation when you add other things in.  Part of it may be a translation, maybe, but the rest is commentary."
The Voice essentially takes footnotes found in other translations of the bible and makes them a part of the story.  "By adding that people can become real confused real quickly.  They have a hard time delineating between what was from the Greek and Hebrew and original languages and what was added in by an editor."
WTVM could not find The Voice in any stores in Columbus or the valley area.

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