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Columbus family needs help finding killer and burying his victim


A Columbus family needs help finding a killer and burying his victim. It's been almost a week since suspected killer Oscar James Senior took the life of 31 year old Charles Willis. The victim was sitting at a stop sign on the corner of Lawyers Lane and 7th Street late Friday afternoon when he was shot.

Police are still searching for James who has been charged with murder and armed robbery.

"It just hurts me so bad it's coming up to a week and they still haven't apprehended the person that took my nephews life. This is what I need because, the only way I'm going to find closure," the victim's Aunt Ladell Baskin said.

Willis' aunt Ladell Baskin is doing all she can to stay strong for this tight knit family. Standing in the spot her nephew lost his life is overwhelming, but she says she believes the answer to finding James is very close by.

"It's a lot of people around here in the neighborhood but they just don't want to come forward and speak out. And, it's a lot of people around here that do know who Oscar is and where Oscar is."

Two of Willis' sisters say he was killed because he spoke to the mother of James' children. Willis left behind two young daughters age 12 and 8, and a family who says they know he would be proud of them for doing all they can to give him a funeral.

"Right now it is a struggle but we're doing all we can do. We're doing t-shirts trying to come up with money we got the bank doing the fundraising just anything would help," the victims cousin Ashley McRae said.

If you would like to donate you can go to the Community Bank and Trust on Veterans Parkway or the Gateway Walmart Branch and ask to donate to the "Ladelle Baskin for Charles Willis fund". All of the money raised goes directly to the funeral home.

"I think he would be very proud, he knows this is his standup auntie," said Baskin.

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