Army proposes more strict grooming guidelines

Larry Williams is in the Air Force but thinks every military branch should have high grooming and etiquette standards. 
"If you do see people in the military service and they've got tattoos on their neck and they're dressed any kind of way and their hair is any kind of way it could be a direct representation."
If passed, a soldier can no longer eat, drink, smoke or talk on the phone while walking. Sideburns will not be able to extend below the spot where your ear connects with your head.
They must be clean shaven on and off duty. Unlike before, under the new rules men won't be allowed to wear cosmetics including nail polish.
Women will be allowed to wear makeup but it must be conservatively, no fake eye lashes and no exaggerated appearance. Fingernail lengths can't exceed a quarter of an inch and fake nails are not allowed.
Army soldier, Gilberto DeLeon, says, "I think the proposal should already be enforced. I 100% agree with it. A female soldier and male soldier should be proud to wear the uniform and the restrictions that our major's doing."
Sergeant Major of the Army, Raymond Chandler, says his goal is to project a uniform and professional Army.
Tattoos cannot be visible above the neck line
They cannot extend below the wrist line and cannot be visible on the hands.
Sleeve tattoos will be prohibited. 
Those who already have these types of tattoos may be grandfathered in.
Many are for the new regulations but for those who aren't Sergeant Major Chandler says you chose the Army. The army didn't choose you.
"You know, this is what you signed up for so it's volunteer it's not something that they're making you do. So if you if you want sign up for it it's just one of the rules you have to abide by," said Williams.

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