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Hardaway Student Hit by Car After school

A student at Hardaway High School is doing fine tonight after being hit by a car in front of the school and catapulted onto nearby steps. It happened after the driver passed out at the wheel. It's a pretty amazing story. We'll tell you what happened.

Presidential Hopeful Campaigns in Columbus

President Barak Obama, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Joe Schriner? The last name on the list of men campaigning for president might surprise you. We'll tell you why Schriner is in the race and why he campaigned in Columbus today.

Columbus High Principal Reassigned After Video

Columbus High's principal has been reassigned after he showed a video to faculty at the school. So what was the video that has school administrators so upset? We'll show you.

Dream Home Tickets Limited - Get Yours Now!

And if you haven't gotten your ticket for the St. Jude Dream Home yet, the clock is ticking. We'll tell you why it's so important to act now and exactly what you need to do to get your ticket that could win a $365-thousand dollar home.

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