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Ohio man running for president visits Columbus


An Ohio man who is hoping to beat the Republican and Democratic candidates in this year's presidential election is rallying for voter support in Columbus this week.

Joe Schriner is a former journalist turned presidential hopeful who paints houses on the side and says he has what it takes to be the next President of the united states.

"We started to see the direction the country was going.  I initially declared to run for president on April 30TH in 1999 in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and have been campaigning continuously ever since," said Schriner.

Schriner, his wife, their three children have been on the road for the past 12 years campaigning for his candidacy for President of the United States for the elections in 2000, 2004, 2008, and now 2012.

He is running independently of any parties and is looking to be a candidate for Americans Elect, a third party organization.

"If we become their candidate, just like there is a candidate in the Democratic Party and Republican Party, then we will be on the ballot in all 50 states," said Schriner. 

The family has been traveling across the country in a 1974 RV.  A tight space for the family of five, but Schriner's wife, Liz, says the campaign is a family effort.

"Joseph is a cameraman.  So he is a budding cameraman.  My daughter is doing Facebook and entries for the campaign.  So, she is doing a lot of kind of account executive roles.  Then, Jonathan, the youngest is just cute and talks a lot," said the mother laughing about her children's involvement in the campaign.

Schriner's campaign focuses on steps against abortion, environmental issues, and budget concerns.     Sarah, Schriner's 16-year-old daughter, believes her father

"He's both compassionate.  He's a strong man.  He knows what his beliefs are, and I think he has a real love for the people of America.  He's very in tune with the people," said Sarah.

Schriner and his family will be at Broadway and 11th Street in Columbus at 12:00pm on Wednesday to rally for voter support.  Next, they head to Atlanta and then on to North Carolina for more campaigning.

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