Georgia side of whitewater construction nears

In the next few days, construction will begin on the Georgia channel of the whitewater course and build whitewater rapids on that side of the course.

In the past few weeks, a road has been built from the 14th Street Bridge to the Eagle and Phenix dam and will begin the work for the Georgia channel.

"That road is needed to get down to begin the work on the Georgia channel and they are at the dam now they'll make a small breach in the dam," says  Said Richard Bishop with Uptown Columbus.  "Build a little road with the ramp over it and hopefully in the latter time of next week will actually be working in the Georgia channel."

When the Georgia channel below the Eagle and Phenix dam is completed, the water will divide in two right below where half of the dam stands.

While construction takes place on the Georgia side, Bishop says, they also hope to put in place the bridge that will connect the RiverWalk to the middle island.

"The island is just right at that major feature that will be on the Georgia side. This area will allow people to go right over and get on top of all the action."

Bishop says in the next 6 months they hope for the Georgia channel to be complete, the bridge connecting to the middle island to be built and the rest of the dam to be taken down.

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