Columbus family prepares to live on Mercy Ships

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Can you imagine selling all your belongings, packing up your three young children, and boarding a ship for the next few years? That is exactly what one Columbus family is doing, and all in an effort to help the less fortunate of our world.

Nick Cash explains how his family is preparing to board Mercy Ships, "Mercy Ships is a ministry that is based in the United States but it serves around the world. Their goal is to serve the world's forgotten poor."

Nick and Dianna Cash, along with their three kids, are giving up the life they are used to and vowing to help provide medical treatment to the less fortunate.

Dianna said, "I don't think either of us wanted to go, but we want to be where God wants us. To be where He wants us, if it means giving up those things, as hard as it feels and as hard as it is at times, it is a good thing."

In order to raise money for the volunteer project, the Cash family has sold most of their belongings and packed very few things to take with them on the ship.

Five-year-old Caroline Cash told News Leader 9 she is taking, "Silly bands, pet shops, just random toys."

Dianna added, "We're taking our bedding, our linens, towels, clothes, a few special things, but that's about it."

Although Nick Cash says the way they live may change drastically, "We'll move from living in a single family dwelling in a city to basically community life on a ship."

Caroline and the other kids understand life on Mercy Ships will be, "Same as on the land."

On June 8 the Cash family will pack up and go through six weeks of training before flying to Guinea to board their new floating home.

Nick and Dianna explained, "I think we are going into this amazing opportunity as far as the mission field goes. I think a lot of people have stereotypes that you're going to the middle of the jungle without access to anything. But really, it's going to be smaller and it will be a different style of living as far as the community, but we're still going to have access to internet and people can send packages and we can send mail out. We can have a TV if we choose to in our cabin. We've heard the TV's on the ship have three or four channels, which is more than we have now."

If you'd like to help the Cash family with their Mercy Ships mission there is an upcoming event. On April 27 Christ Community Church is hosting a comedy and music event. It will feature Christian comedian Lee McBride and a local Bluegrass band. The event is free to the public and donations are welcome.

The event details are:

"Christian comedians Lee McBride and Joe Phillips are giving Nick and Dianna Cash a huge FREE night of clean laughter & music as a fund raiser for the Cashes as they head to Africa with Mercy Ships. 

They will be joined by Brad Baker and Columbus' own bluegrass trio "Muscadine Creek" (Jae Lesley, John Boyd, and Tim Maulsby). 

Admission is FREE, and a love offering will be taken to help pay for Nick and Dianna's initial costs associated with moving to Africa. 

The CCC Cafe will open at 6pm and will be serving sandwiches, soups, smoothies and coffee drinks.

Free childcare, infants to age 4. You must make childcare reservations by calling church office at 706.565.7240 by Friday April 20th at 5pm."

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