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Study shows average prom cost tops $1000 per teen


A new survey from Visa Inc. says an average family spends about $1,000 per teen to go to prom.  The figure includes everything from a dress or tux, to tickets, dinner, and for some, last minute problems.

"I ordered one online, but it didn't come in on time so I had have a backup plan.  So, I picked this," said Northside High School Senior Ackeeia Calder.

Calder, like so many other teenagers, is getting ready for prom this weekend.

Rachel Carpenter, the manager at Marie's April Showers in Columbus, says prom season brings in most of their income.

"We've already been planning for next year.  It is the money maker time.  January through May is our prom season," said Carpenter.

But, Carpenter says they always try to keep budgets in mind by offering weekly sales.

"We have about five girls working here, and we just let each girl pick about three dresses a week.  We change them every week, and they pick either a 20%, 25%, or 30% off.  They pick whichever dress they want to during the week and we make them change it each week," said Carpenter.

At Bright Salon in Columbus, they are getting ready to do airbrush makeup and style lots of hair this weekend.  

Getting your hair done for prom can cost $40 to $60, but owner Laura Brooker says they also offer ways to help you save money before prom.

"We do have styling classes here.  We have braiding classes which we are having tonight.  We also have up do styling classes so that is definitely something that someone could attend months before their prom so they could maybe learn how to do their own style at home," said Brooker.

For Calder, though, the price tag for everything is worth it.

"It is pretty expensive, but I guess it is worth it for the memories."

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