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It should be of no concern to the school board which school a pregnet teenager chooses to attend.  I have several friends that have attended or are currently attending TAP and I do believe that they do recieve a lower quality of education as opposed to a regular high school.  The school board should stop being so concerned about forcing a pregnet student to attend the center and worry about maybe expanding the school and improving the test scores of those who do attend. Maybe then some students would want to go and wouldn't have to be forced!
I think she should have to do the same as other students. She made that decision herself when she became pregnant. In this day and age I am appalled at the number of pregnant teens when there are so many birthcontrols available to them.
You make the desion to have sex , you have chosen any consequences of your actions. She should go to the alternative school and accept her consequences like an adult since she made an adult decision.
I think alot of kids want to be treated as an adult but still do what they want and they have to learn to be treated like an adult you have to act like one.
Absticance is the only sure 100% birth control and I would hope that teens would know that. They only think about what feels good and not that it can cause them and others heartache.

I feel that if the school system make changes for one student then they have to do the same for all students. This just let the community know that there are problems in the school system. My sister is dealing with a problem with Shaw High School making changes that the parents are not aware of and it was done by Dr. Arnold. This is the reason people don't trust the School Board Members because some things are allowed that should not be done. But you know God has to be the Beginning and the End of all things.....