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Ron White At It Again - Defending CHS Demoted Principal Crumbs

Ron White has hit the twitter feed again in support of Columbus High School principal Marvin Crumbs. We'll tell you what the comedian is saying tonight and why Crumbs was back at the High School today even though he's been reassigned for showing a Ron White video to staff.

Stewart County Poorest in Georgia - Local Leaders React

A new study ranks Stewart County as the poorest in the state and among the poorest in the country. We talk to county leaders about the challenges facing the community and how they're trying to turn those statistics around.

 "Stand Your Ground Law" May Change in Florida

Florida lawmakers are looking at the state's "stand your ground" law to see if the legislation needs to be changed. It's the law that George Zimmerman's attorneys are saying he acted under when he shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin.

Teens Gather for Summit at Civic Center

Local teens showed up at the Civic Center tonight to party with a purpose. We'll tell you why they gathered for the summit and why safety was at the heart of the get together.

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