Woman needs surgery to remove large growths

Kassendra Kilburn says her pain started eight years ago after stomach surgery went wrong, causing two large growths, five times the size of her hand, to form on her inner thighs.
"It is depressing and upsetting and frustrating I guess that's what I want to say, not being able to get up and do things like normal people do," Kilburn said. 
Kilburn says some of those things include walking, fixing her own dinner, and going to the bathroom. She has to have help to do all of those things now, including getting an ambulance ride to and from hospital visits. The team at Care Ambulance in Phenix City normally helps Kilburn get to those visits.
"We are basically going to be there anytime that she needs to help her get to the appointments that she needs," Shanna Waterman said. 
What Kassendra Kilburn needs and wants is for both of those growths to be removed. Shanna Waterman with Care Ambulance told News Leader 9 that once Kilburn finds a doctor willing to do the surgery they would help transport her to the facility.
Kilburn says she's tired of being constantly turned away from doctor's offices. She's gone to several throughout the Chattahoochee Valley. She says they are afraid doing the surgery could kill her but it is a risk she is willing to take. 
"I would like a surgeon to step up and maybe show some compassion and say yes I will do the surgery for Mrs. Kilburn and yes its life threatening and this is a serious obstacle but if a surgeon would do the surgery I would be willing to take the chance of going under and get the surgery," Kilburn said. 
The main concern of many of the doctors that Kilburn has spoken with is her weight. She currently weighs 638 pounds. 
"What I'm trying to do is get these growths removed I don't think in my opinion it matters how much I weigh," Kilburn said. 
Despite being turned down time after time, Kilburn is not giving up. She has faith that someone will step up and do the surgery but for now she's not letting this obstacle get her down.
"I'm not sad but I do cry sometimes its not upsetting or sad its just frustrating and trying to make this happen I just keep hitting a brick wall," Kilburn said. 
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