Authorities using new tag readers in Troup County

There are four more sets of eyes on the streets in Troup County and they are not even human. News Leader Nine's Laura Ann Sills rode along with a Troup County deputy to see just how a new piece of technology is catching criminals.

The infra-red cameras are set to see in several different directions and capture license plate numbers. "When the picture come through that frame it is immediate, there is no lag time.  It immediately checks that number against the number in the file," said Sgt. Nathan Taylor.

A computer inside the car checks the tag with the Department of Revenue database and alerts the deputy if something is not right. "Whether this tag is suspended, expired, stolen, the vehicle is stolen.  It does other things such as alerts on Amber Alerts and Alzheimer's patients that are missing," explained Sgt. Taylor.

Taylor says he knows computers are not always accurate, so he checks that the system made a true match and then calls the tag in to dispatch.

"To make sure that, right now, live, they are uninsured. The majority of the motoring public are in compliance with the laws, but you do have some that ride with no insurance."

Sgt. Taylor says those non-insured drivers are putting everyone at risk. Even drivers who were pulled over during News Leader 9's ride along had good things to say.

"It's a good idea.  I didn't know mine is suspended, but I will definitely get it taken care of, "said Sean Reilly.

There are two vehicles equipped with the tag readers.  The system was paid for with SPLOST dollars.

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