Ousted principal addresses Columbus High students

The Columbus High principal, Dr. Marvin Crumbs, who was reassigned due to a video clip of Ron White he played during a faculty meeting made his way back to his school Thursday for an announcement.

Before the last period of the day at Columbus High School, former principal Marvin Crumbs stepped inside the front office to make an announcement to his students.

Students say Crumbs thanked them for all their support and reminded them to stay safe during their organized protests.

"He heard about some of us planning on doing a march down at the main school building on Macon Road and he wasn't really in support of that because he felt that could be dangerous and get the local police involved and that's not what he wanted for us. He didn't want us to jeopardize our future on his behalf," explained Nick Shattuck, junior at Columbus High School.

Columbus High School students have not only started an online petition to have Marvin Crumbs reinstated as principal, but they have also obtained a parade permit to walk to the school district building in support of their principal.

But following Crumbs's speech, Vraj Patel and his sister Ashka said that march was canceled, "He said that we shouldn't try to do more than we already have because it might screw up his chances of the appeal process and we might lose the message if we try to do too much."

Even though Crumbs has been reassigned to another position in the district, his absence at Columbus High School has really shown how close the students are.

Chelsey Guy, who is a junior at Columbus High School, told News Leader 9, "Our school has always been great at rallying for things we think are important and that we think matter to us. We are always happy to take a stand and do things that are right. I am very proud of my school right now."

Teachers and students did not have the opportunity to speak with their principal, but they did leave his with this message: "We still support you, just get over with the appeals process and come back to Columbus High."

Marvin Crumbs's attorney released a statement that students can assemble at the school board building Friday, but Crumbs wants them to be safe while getting there.

The students at Columbus High School have planned to wear their school colors, orange and blue, to school to show support for their principal.

Thursday, comedian Ron White was back on Twitter defending former Columbus high principal. He tweeted , "GA School Principal gets reassigned (fired) after showing 'Can't Fix Stupid'…Goes to show you really Can't Fix Stupid."

White was also retweeted several students who were asking the comedian to sign the online petition the students have started. White also agreed to speak with CNN about the issue, he of course agreed to the interview over his twitter page.

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