Troup Co. Sheriff's Office warns of "Nigerian Sweetheart Scam"

Troup County Sheriff's Office Investigators are working on a case of "Nigerian Sweetheart Scam". It is type of scam is originated in the country of Nigeria.

The Nigerian scammers, commonly, post ads to online dating sites in "Sweetheart Scams" and lurk in chat rooms waiting on unsuspecting and lonely victims. They may have been using aliases similar to "lonelyman38", "lostatlove" or "dumpedN2011."

A business in San Diego, California in regards told TCSO Investigators that they had recently accepted approximately five or six large orders of expensive make up items to be shipped to an address in rural Troup County. According to investigators the scammer may even send flowers or candy, hoping to woo the lonely victim and once the victim is hooked, and the "love connection" has been made, the scam is in full swing.

Sheriff Donny Turner asks that if you feel that you have fallen victim to this type of "Sweetheart Scam", recently, please notify the Troup County Sheriff's Office at (706)883-1616.

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