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Ron White supports ousted CHS principal


Comedian Ron White spoke to CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin about Dr. Crumbs' being reassigned after playing his bit for faculty.

Columbus High Liberal Arts Magnet has gained a reputation in the Muscogee County as one of the best schools for college bound students to attend. The school that has a great academic reputation is becoming known for something else.

Earlier this week Principal Dr. Marvin Crumbs was removed from the school after showing a video to the staff during a faculty meeting last week.

Crumbs showed them a sketch from Comedian Ron White's "You Can't Fix Stupid."  Muscogee County School Superintendent Dr. Susan Andrew said it was not appropriate to show in a professional setting because of obscene language. 

White has since commented on Twitter and defended Dr. Crumbs during in an interview with CNN.

News Leader 9 talked with the law firm representing Dr. Crumbs. They are still working their way through the appeal process trying to get his job back.

Muscogee County School Board Chair Cathy Williams says that is when the school board will get involved. 

"The attorneys will work through that process and if it is needed then the appeal will come to the board of education and at that time we can make a different decision if that is what we choose or we can uphold the superintendent decision," Williams said. 

On Thursday, Dr. Crumbs returned to Columbus High at the request of Superintendent Dr. Susan Andrews. Crumbs encouraged students not to participate in a rally they scheduled for today because of safety concerns. 

"The students have really become engaged in this whole issue and the parents have become engaged and the community have become engaged I've gotten correspondence from people who don't have students at CHS and never have but want to weigh into it," Williams said. 

After watching and agreeing with White's interview with CNN, Diamond Akers, Warren Steele, and Miguel Parrado, all Columbus High Seniors, wanted to speak out and show their support for their principal.

"We agree that the punishment doesn't fit the crime per say in that he [Ron White] believes that Dr. Crumbs too is a fine educator which we all do at the school.  We believe doctor Crumbs is over-qualified to be a principal at Columbus High School," said Akers.

White will be in Columbus for a comedy show on the 28th and said if there is a rally, he would like to attend to show his support for Crumbs.  The students say nothing is planned yet.

"Right now, we are just weighing our options.  There are a lot of things that play a part in that as far as logistics and safety for students and safety for the community who participate," said Steele

While the students say they are grateful for White's support, they will not be happy until Crumbs is their principal again.

"As students and as petitioners, we want to see the process through to the end--to the proper end that Dr. Crumbs wishes," said Parrado.

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