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Group holds memorial for victims of violent crimes in Columbus


The Victims-Witness Assistance Program held a memorial at The Government Center on Saturday. The event is held every year during National Victims Rights Week.  It's a  ceremony for the families of those who've lost a loved one in a violent crime. Every flower on the wreath was placed there by a family that lost a loved one.

Tina Gibson lost her son in 2008 in a double homicide in Shreveport, Louisiana. Her son Christopher Hayslette was 23 years old.

"Personally, it made a huge difference for me because often times when your loved one is a victim of a violent crime or homicide, you're isolated. You are so grief stricken that you often do know where to reach out, who to go to," said Gibson

The group reached out to Gibson and today she is the head of the organization helping others as the group has helped her.

Gibson says being around people who have gone through the same devastation can help you cope.

"You know that they've been through what you've been through, so it makes a difference for you too because they understand where you are. And what I found when I was working on this memorial is that it was helping me, I wasn't just helping others," said Gibson.

To help families further, the group offers a place where they can go to remember.

"If you live in this area and you use The Riverwalk and you want to have a place you can go and remember your loved one or friend, we can do that for you."

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