The future of technology for local schools

With smartboards and laptops, A classroom may look a little different than it did just five years ago.

However, the technology department with the Muscogee County School District is working to make sure your kids have even more technology at their fingertips.

Jana Reese, the Director of Instructional Technology says they are working on implementing a site,, into every classroom.

"It's an extension of the classroom.  It's an excellent way for students and teachers to collaborate--for teacher to collaborate amongst each other, for students to collaborate amongst students, and everything that they post, everything that they share is always accessible.  its support for anytime access if we need to," said Reese.

Reese says the site looks like a social media site, but is fully regulated by the school system. She says it has been used some, but will be fully implemented this fall.

At a meeting Monday night, she and Forrest Toelle, the Chief Information Officer for the school system, explained their technology three year plan to community members.

"Any device should be able to be used on our system.  S,o whether if you bring it from home or the school district provides it, we would expect that device to work at school within in reason," said Toelle.

He says the one of the main goals over the next three years is to make sure technology like smart phones and laptops can access the school's network from anywhere.

Reese says the technology changes the way your kids learn.

"It has changed the shape of the classroom.  It's no longer inside of the classroom.  It's anytime, anywhere.  Students want to have access to the things that the teachers are requesting of them outside of the classroom," said Reese.

The technology department for the Muscogee County School District is asking for your help in determining what technology to implement in classrooms in the future.

Go to to take a survey on what you would like to see.

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