MCSD board to hold special meeting Wednesday

The Muscogee County Board of Education will hold a special board meeting at 1 pm Wednesday at the Muscogee County Public Education Center.

The meeting is likely to discuss the reinstatement of former Columbus High School principal Marvin Crumbs.

Crumbs has appealed his removal as principal creating quite an uproar with many students at Columbus High School and a well-known comedian.

School Board Chairwoman Cathy Williams says there is a big legal question about whether the school board can trump the school superintendent and reinstate Crumbs.

"He has filed an appeal. We are working through the appeal process to determine what the board can and cannot engage in. We have laws that have changed recently for boards of education and we have also adopted a very strict code of ethics," says Williams.

The former Columbus High principal showed part of comedian Ron White's sketch, "You Can't Fix Stupid" during a faculty meeting. The School district called the video inappropriate. Crumbs was reassigned by Superintendent Susan Andrews.

"The superintendent made her decision based on a standard that she set for the school that she felt had been violated.  I'm not sure I would have come to the same conclusion," Williams said.

Williams said the purpose of the meeting will be for the board to go into an executive session for a personnel matter.

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