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Meriwether County church helps April 27th tornado victims



Almost one year ago, tornadoes ripped apart homes, destroyed communities, and changed lives in Alabama and Georgia.

In Meriwether County, people like Linda Moncrief, know what it is like to lose almost everything in one of storms.

 "You don't have time to really be scared because you're sitting there looking up into that tornado, into the eye of that wind blowing around you, and everything is falling around, you not knowing if you are going to live or die at that moment," said Moncrief.

Vivid memories of the April 27 tornadoes are why she and others came to Trinity Baptist Church in Manchester Tuesday night.

"When the clouds get dark, they get scared.  When the thunder is really loud, they get afraid. When the radio or TV is on and they're saying there is chance of thunderstorm or severe storms, they can't sleep," said Pastor William Cole.

Cole says even though it has been almost a year, many people are still suffering emotional stress from the storms.

"It's still a lot of fear, a lot of concern, a lot of worry, and I just want everyone to understand: that is normal," said Cole.

However, the group at Trinity Baptist Church is trying to fight those emotions by talking about their experiences.

"You get to talk about where you with your feelings, where you went with to get strength, how you dealt with those kind of things," said Pastor Jimmie Chapman.

Chapman's house was among the dozens in Meriwether County destroyed in April's storms.  He and Moncrief say sharing their stories can help ease the pain.

"When something like this happens, just don't be afraid to reach out to other people and ask for help when you need it, and let them help you," said Moncrief.

The members of Trinity Baptist Church plan on gathering again to talk about the emotional and physical damage of April 27.  A date has not been set for their next meeting, but if you wish to join, you can contact Pastor Chapman at 706-601-1508. 

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