NAACP calls community to action after 3 murders in 3 weekends


Columbus police have worked 12 murders so far this year.  The last three all happening this month, and within blocks of one another.

The Columbus chapter of the NAACP held a community meeting on Wednesday at the site of the latest murder, the corner of Brown Avenue and George Street, to talk about the violence.  

A little more than 50 people held hands and prayed to end the violence in Columbus.

The family of the latest murder victim, Antonio Robinson, joined with the NAACP at Wednesday's meeting to show their support for any initiative that would stop the violence.  "We have to start somewhere and this is a better place than any to start," explained a family member.
The NAACP announced their plan to work with several local groups to pray for the community and educate the youth.  
Nate Sanderson, local NAACP President, said, "If we have young people value their lives we can curb this senseless killing."
Columbus Pastor Darnel Skinner says, while valuing life is at the core of the problem, there are more issues than that.  "When when you have economic disparity, when you have issues with education not being there, these types of issues will persist and will continue in our community."
The public is invited to meet back at the corner of Brown Avenue and George Street in Columbus on Friday at noon for a time of prayer.
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