School board votes to give Dr. Crumbs job back

More details are emerging in the case of Columbus High School principal Dr. Marvin Crumbs. He had recently been reassigned from his position as principal because he played the Ron White video "You Can't Fix Stupid", that offended some faculty members.

For the first time since making her decision to reassign Columbus High School principal Dr. Marvin Crumbs, Dr. Susan Andrews gave an explanation for her actions, citing a speech she gave to all principals back in January.

Dr. Andrews said, "I expounded on the fact that when inappropriate humor is used and finds its way into the public arena, it is not funny. And that as superintendent, I would not and could not support them is they chose to do so."

The board members voted 7-1, with one abstaining, to give Dr. Crumbs his job back as principal.

Muscogee County School Board Chair Cathy Williams told News Leader 9, "I just felt that the offense did not rise to the transfer out of a school where he had so much respect and had been revered as a leader. I listed to this community carefully and this community was very engaged. This was a teachable moment for this entire community. I weighed everything I heard and based it on all of those things."

After nervously sitting through the school board meeting, Dr. Crumbs finally let out a sigh of relief.

His attorney Ted Theus said, "Obviously we are very pleased with the vote. Dr. Crumbs has a 16 year outstanding record with the Muscogee County School District. He is not just a good principal; he is one of the very best principals. He's a principal we can all be proud of."

And a principal many people at Columbus High School will welcome back with open arms. Theus added, "When you put all the other issues aside it comes down to what is best for the students and the students at Columbus High School want their principal to return and we feel like it is in his best interest that he does return to Columbus High School."

Dr. Marvin Crumbs will return to Columbus High School as principal, but his exact start date has not been released. He will keep that position until his contract with the school district runs out at the end of June.

At that time the superintendent will make a recommendation on whether or not he stays, which is standard procedure.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Dr. Andrews issued this statement late Wednesday afternoon:

"The decision concerning what level of disciplinary action should have been taken for the offense we considered is one on which reasonable people can disagree.  I made the decision that I thought was best for the district, both for today and for moving into the future, when the authority was in my hands to do so.  I am sure the Board of Education made their decision with much deliberation and soul-searching also.  This was not an easy case. The Board of Education as the elected officials representing the citizens made the final decision and I respect their decision."

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