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Students wear t-shirts in honor of principal getting his job back


A crowd of 200 students gathered outside Columbus High Thursday morning celebrating the reinstatement of their principal. They wore white as a symbol of their excitement and thankfulness to the school board for hearing their pleas to bring Principal Marvin Crumbs back.  

Some of the students wore black t-shirts that read, "You can't fix stupid", on the front, "But Crumbs Can!" in big bold letters on the back.

Those shirts were for a planned rally at Lakebottom Park this weekend, but that has been canceled.  Students say there's no need to rally their mission has been accomplished.

Thursday morning the students were very cheerful as they held hands in a circle and sang their school's alma mater before going to class.

Wednesday the Muscogee County School Board voted against reassigning Principal Crumbs to another position within the school system for showing a Ron White comedy routine called "You can't fix stupid." Crumbs will remain at the high school as principal until the end of his contract in June.

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