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Ron White performs to packed house at River Center


For the past few weeks Comedian Ron White has been a hot topic of conversation in Columbus. His video "You Can't Fix Stupid" was shown by Columbus High School Principal Marvin Crumbs to a group of Faculty members.

The school district considered the language in the video offensive and removed Crumbs as Principal of the school known for its near 100% graduation rate.

News Leader 9 sad down with Comedian Ron White an hour before his show in Columbus Saturday night.

"At first I thought Dr. Crumbs had shown the entire thing to the entire student body and I was like right on buddy because it's just words stacked in a different order we shouldn't be afraid of words, they are just words. Then I found it was one 2 min and 13 second piece he showed to faculty that got him fired. This is a man who has dedicated his life to educating the children of fine state of Georgia he is the principal of the high school, he has a doctorate degree in education and the kids want him to have the job," White said. 

White told me tonight that he applauds the school board for doing the right thing, after all he says that is exactly what Crumbs was intending to do by showing the video.

"He didn't even say the word, I did, he didn't even say it he just played a bit saying you can't fix stupid he was saying I was wrong that you can fix stupid, let's go out there and fix it as a motivational tool as harmless as it could be and all of a sudden they want to give him a life sentence," White said.

Marvin Crumbs was reinstated as Principal of Columbus High on Wednesday after 7 to 1 vote that over turned the decision of Superintendent Susan Andrews who had Crumbs reassigned. White says the credit goes to the students of Columbus High who fought for Crumbs to get his job back.

"Kudos to them for standing up for what they believe in and getting something done and it better stay done because we are not going to go away. You know if they are going to try and fire Dr. Crumbs in five weeks, which a couple people have told me that is what they intend to do because by then I will be gone, I won't be gone I live in Swanee Georgia I'm not going anywhere," White said.

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