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Record-breaking temperatures draw many outside


Record-breaking temperatures are drawing people outside to play in the sun. Some may be hiding in the air conditioning but either way the heat is on many minds.

It's only April and temperatures for most in the valley Sunday were really high. Although it's not quite summer yet, it sure does feel like it. Temperatures in the Fountain City hit 90 degrees breaking an all-time record by one degree.

Fourteen-year-old Myisha Jackson says her family didn't take refuge inside from the heat, they decided to fire up the grill.

"We just came from a barbecue at my grandmother's house and after we barbecued, we all came down to the Riverwalk and walked and looked at the fish and the lake," said Myisha.

But there's one thing Myisha says she loves to do when it's this hot. "[I want to go] swimming, very, soon."

With temperatures like this, pools are on many minds, but you'll have to wait a little longer if you want to use a public pool.

According to, the pools will open May 26th. For now, gazing at the beautiful view at the Riverwalk will just have to do, or maybe you can grab a kayak and jump right in.

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