One in two College Graduates not finding jobs

A little more than half of new college graduates are jobless or under-employed. That's according to an Associated Press report.

It says that 53.6% of new Bachelor's degree graduates either have not been able to find a job or have found a job that doesn't fully use their skills and knowledge they acquired in college. Instead most of them accept work as a waiter or waitress, bartender or working in retail.

Students at Columbus State University say they're seeing it every day. Sudanth Gudladon says, "Some of my friends are actually working at restaurants right now because they're not able to get jobs immediately right after they graduate."

The article was based on several pieces of government data.

While every career field has suffered, the worst for employment are Human Sciences and the Arts. The best are in Education, Health and Sciences. The article also points out the delays in finding a job, much less finding one in the desired field, are delaying the time a graduate can pay back their student loan debt.

The current U.S. Student Loan Debt has surpassed $1 trillion.

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