Toomer's oak show new signs of poison

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Caretakers of the poisoned Toomer's oaks tell News Leader 9 the poisoned oaks say the trees have taken a turn for the worse.

Head of the Toomer's tree task force Gary Keever says the trees are once again showing signs of Spike-80DF poisoning.

This spring, new leaves did appear on the trees and for a time they were not showing any adverse reactions to the herbicide. However, that has all changed and most of the canopy is turning a yellowish brown color as the herbicide does what it is intended to do and that is to inhibit photosynthesis.

Keever says photosynthesis tests show the new leaves are not progressing as they should.

He says they are still waiting on test results from soil samples to see how much poison remains around the trees.

Keever has requested another round of sugar injections at the base of the oaks, to try and help offset the poison.

However, at this point he says it does not look good.

Meanwhile, if the trees do indeed die they will remain at the corner to be rolled this football season. Then a group will look at removing the trees and replacing them with one or two new oak trees.

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