Small plane veers off runway at airport; no one is injured

Flights were halted early Wednesday morning at the Columbus Airport after a small plane ran off the runway.

The pilot say the plane was leaving the runway, about to take off for air, when something went wrong.

Columbus' runway sits right in front of many residents' backyards. Don Lindsey says, "I don't see how it happened as far as safety rules the folks have over there. As far as I'm concerned from what I see and what I hear that's the first thing on their mind, safety."

Lindsey says he did not hear a peep but he's not afraid of the constant coming and going of planes right in his backyard.

"After 6 years in Vietnam these little airplanes don't bother me a bit. If a plane ran off the runway over there it's either a wind gust or a pilot error."

There were no injuries in the incident. News Leader 9 tried several times to get a hold of airport officials but our calls were not returned.

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