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EDITORIAL: Columbus High School Principal Marvin Crumb

EDITORIAL:  Over the past few of weeks one of the top stories in Columbus has been the issue with Principal Crumbs at Columbus High School.

Crumbs showed a Ron White video to his faculty members called "You Can't Fix Stupid". Some faculty took offense and reported the incident, after which Crumbs was reassigned by the superintendent and then reinstated by the school board to Principal of Columbus High School.

Ron White took it upon himself to get involved in supporting Principal Crumbs as did some students at CHS.

I am sure we don't know all the facts but I hope the school board does, and we hope their judgment has not been tainted or swayed by the national attention brought to this issue by a sometimes crude comedian intent on selling tickets to his concert.

There has been some "stupid" in this situation on all sides which may just prove the point!

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