Automotive company brings new jobs to Auburn

Arkal Automotive, based in Israel, makes plastic parts for automakers like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Ford. Now it's on its way to providing more than 100 jobs to people in the Auburn area.

"They will be very good jobs with excellent benefits and healthcare," Auburn Mayor Bill Ham.

Yolanda McNair turned to Arkal after being forced to close her restaurant in a tough economy.

"In the restaurant business the economy, it was not good and automotive, it's a very growing business," McNair said.  

So, for the past year, Yolanda has banned together with a close knit team at Arkal in Auburn.

The group works on a line stacking plastic car parts. The machines inside the plant make these parts at about a pair per minute. The company's general manager says new technology allows them to make the parts out of plastic rather than metal making it a cheaper process for buyers and sellers. 

Arkal General Manager Rami Drori says out of all the places they have chosen Auburn because of its warm welcome to foreign countries.

"This makes 22 countries represented in our technology park. We definitely have a diversified investment in our city," says Mayor Ham. 

Mayor Ham says Arkal will pump a little more than $7 million into the local economy. The first phase will create about 25 to 35 jobs and the other phases are expected bring even more jobs to the city of Auburn. 

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