Columbus principal among those honored at Legacy Day

Columbus High School Principal Marvin Crumbs was among five community leaders honored on Thursday.

Fort Middle School hosted their 4th Annual Legacy Day Celebration, where they thanked Columbus citizens for their work with the community.

This year's honors include: Principal Crumbs, school board member Norene Morvets, Columbus councilman Pops Barnes, retired Armed forces member Harvey Milner, and PMB Broadcasting manager Jim Martin.

"It's a great honor for my staff that I've worked with for all these years and all the hard work they've put into making our broadcast properties what they are today," says Martin.

Crumbs did not wish to speak with FOX 54 about the honor or the recent scandal surrounding his job. He was recently reinstated to the position after his controversial reassignment for showing a video featuring comedian Ron White to faculty.

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