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Secretary of Defense Has a Message for Fort Benning Soldiers

Watch your behavior! That was the message this evening on Fort Benning as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta visits the base. In the wake of several recent highly publicized events, Panetta warned troops that it takes just seconds of misconduct to make headlines and fuel the enemy in Afghanistan.

New Hero Rescue Children From Burning House

The Columbus mother accused of arson after police say she set her home on fire with her children inside remains in jail, meantime a new hero has emerged as the person who rescued the children from the house.

Miracle Riders on the Road Again

The Miracle Riders are on the road again. Scott Ressmeyer and his crew rolled out this afternoon. We'll tell you how they're hoping to help children across the Valley and how you can help too.

Will you need the umbrella this weekend? Chief Meteorologist Derek Kinkade has all the details on the forecast.

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