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Mothers and widows of fallen servicemen get free makeovers


A group of very deserving women from all over got a fresh look to begin their fresh start Sunday.

There's nothing like getting your hair cut, washed, and styled. Plus, your makeup done while you lay back and relax; especially when it's free.

Twelve women from all over Georgia, say it's been a while since they've been to a salon, or had time to think of themselves. But, that's not all they have in common, they've all lost a loved one while serving in the military.

"He always wanted to be a soldier, ever since he was small.  When 9/11 occurred, we saw the planes go live into the Twin Towers and on that day he told me he wanted to enlist. He was only twelve [years old]," participant Sue Peney said.

Years later, Sue's son, Sergeant Jonathan Peney, enlisted and became a medic with the 175th Regiment.

"He was rescuing a fellow ranger who was bleeding out on the rooftop and he did not hesitate. He ran up the ladder...he was warned that there was a sniper, and that was John. John just leapt to cover his fellow ranger and the sniper got him from a mile and a half away," said Peney.

He was her only child. It's been two years since his death, and Sue says it's something you never truly get over.

"When people say that you're going to get over [losing a child], you never get over a loss. And it's not saying that everyday is bad, it's just sometimes it's difficult. And to be treated to this, it's like being Cinderella," said Peney.

Sue along with 11 other widows and mothers are belles of the ball at Hair Works Salon on Wildwood Avenue.

All with the help of an imaging group called 'JusMaDon', 25 cosmetologists, make-up artists, and support staff from all over the country assisted to show these women someone still cares.

"It is a surmounting task for them to get out and do something special for themselves. Our main intent is to bring awareness to the program so we can get other survivors involved because we don't want anybody thinking that they're forgotten once the funeral is over," said group coordinator Starla De Saussure.

"It's very humbling and it's a morale booster, because you think that people forget.  When I walk in [Hair Works Salon], it feels like walking into a magazine. Everybody is high styling and it's just awesome."

Hours later Sue left looking like a new woman. She says she is humbled and forever grateful for the experience.

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