Muscogee Co. EMA teaming up with WHINSEC

The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation is teaming up with the Muscogee County EMA this week for a series of tabletop exercises.

The purpose of the two day exercise is to establish a partnership between the city and WHINSEC as well as give the students of the school the opportunity to better understand local security measures.

Director of WHINSEC Lt. Col. Hector Martinez says, "Many people just think of the school as a negative training facility because of the yearly protestors who come to the area" and says,
"They don't really understand what the school is all about".

"A fantastic institute that trains partnered nations in topics that are needed in order to secure the countries and to better understand the different challenges we face in the hemisphere," says Martinez.

After sharing with Columbus officials what the school was all about the students visited Fire Station 1, the EMA office and began their scenario training of how they would handle security in Columbus if there was ever a dam break.

The exercise will wrap up Tuesday evening.

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