New recycling facility in Columbus saving space in landfill

Columbus' current recycling facility opened in 2008 and is at its capacity.  As a result, city leaders are planning to build and open a new recycling center in the next year.

The new building will be constructed off Schatulga Road and will be four times the size of the current facility.

"The sorting will be done not by human hands standing there at the curb.  Actually the machine will sort the materials," says Public Services Director Pat Biegler.

"We look to not only expand our residential, but to provide our processing means so local businesses can get involved," says Deputy City Manager David Arrington.

Auburn University already uses Columbus for the processing of their recycling.

Columbus officials hope this new facility will let other counties, possibly Fort Benning, or corporations start processing with the city.

Of all the waste that is generated by people in Columbus, only 4% is recycled.  "We need to be at 40% or 60% because about 60-to-70 percent of what you throw away in the trash everyday is easily recyclable," said Biegler.

Not only is recycling good for the environment and brings in revenue for the city, it extends the life of the landfill.

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