Muscogee Co. community leader goes to the White House

A Columbus school board member along with 40 Georgia leaders took their knowledge of current housing issues to the White House.

Cathy Williams, Muscogee County School Board Chair and CEO of NeighborWorks Columbus, was among the group who participated in the housing forum for Georgia leaders last week in Washington DC.

Williams says the trip was a chance for community leaders to share with government officials the challenges facing homeowner and struggling communities hit hard by the housing crisis.

"They were there to hear from us what we thought was working in these programs, what we thought wasn't working in these programs, what other needs we had," says Williams. "They did brief us on new programs and projects they have coming down the line."

She said some of the discussions were about when bond rules would be written, neighborhood stabilization programs, and the needs of rural communities.

Williams says it was an amazing experience even though they didn't get to meet President Obama.

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